I like waking up early in the morning.  Most people think I’m really strange for doing this, but I like the feel of waking up when the whole world is still sleeping.  I like watching the sunrise and studying as the sun slowly begins to stream through my window. 

Like I said in my previous entry, I’m a very schedule-oriented person.  I get up at 4:30 or 5 AM.  Study.  Eat breakfast (yes, I’m one of those rare college students who actually does eat breakfast).  Go to the gym.  Shower.  Eat lunch at exactly somewhere between 11-11:30 AM.  Then study or go to class.  Then get home and eat dinner at 5 PM.  Then study.  Then read something or watch some boring TV show so I won’t get nightmares.  And then sleep at 10 PM. 

Everyday is the same.  For the most part.

I just enjoy studying early in the morning especially.  Just cuz nobody else is awake to distract me and tell me to go out with them or watch TV or weird things like that. 

I’ll probably change my schedule someday, like when I start working.  Maybe….

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  1. ilovesteaks says:

    wow, that sounds like my schedule… to the exact minute, except I don’t study.  I used to drive down to the La Jolla cove to read my Bible early in the morning while eating an Egg McMuffin.

  2. (O.O!)*Blow down* ‘you are the master…’no, but really, that sounds pretty crazy…sleep is paradise for me…enough=good, more=excellent…that will never work for me, but then again, I have low blood pressure so it might just be different body type.

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