Dear Anonymous Sir,

     I wish that I knew who you were, but I don’t.  Instead, I keep dreaming about somebody else for the past three years.  Are you and he one and the same?  If not, I wish that “he” would get out of my thoughts and be replaced by you. For awhile, I believed that I was okay about “him” and content to be single as I waited for you.  But “he” occasionally still invades my dreams, my thoughts, my emotions.  Every now and then, just when I think I am completely satisfied with where I am in life, “he” haunts me yet again.  For pity’s sake, I started reading romance novels to forget about “him”!!!! 

     But, what I really want to know is…..where are you?  If “he” is not you, then I wish God would help me forget about “him” completely.  I want to be at a place where I am content in God alone, a place where I can mature as I wait for God’s plans to unfold.  I want God to surprise me.  I want to be patient.

     Why did I write this letter, you may wonder?  Well, sir, let me tell you.  I just needed a way to remind myself that you do exist and that my decision to wait for you is the right thing to do, what God wants me to do.  So I end this letter in hopes that someday God will guide us to one another, and maybe you will read this letter and laugh at me.

A Girl Who, as of Now, Remains Anonymous to You

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  1. Nice letter. Yes, I agree, maturing in God is definitely the first and most important step before any sort of relationship :)Anyway, just wanted to say “hi!” Haha, I rarely sign on AIM or Xanga now that I don’t check my comments enough. Oh yeah, I’m a huge fan of Good Eats. I’ve seen almost every episode and have made about 7 or 8 recipes based off of Good Eats. I also plan on making my future kitchen an Alton Brown kitchen :PBtw, how was your Spring Break? Mine was very restful

  2. phie1116 says:

    i feel like that too. its really hard when society seems to say that everybody needs to be in a relationship or be actively looking for one. i have a photo from this summer, CF+PH inside a heart. Remember how we wrote that out on the beach? i struggle with daydreaming about him and daydreaming about my future, and sometimes not wanting to wait for God. but i know he will be faithful!! my pastor says that God is always slower than we want him to be, slower than if we took things into our own hands and tried to do something on our own. but God’s way is so much better. abraham and sarah had to wait so long!! because God wants to grow us along the way during the process. it is so hard to wait, and it is so hard to not think about “it”, but god also promises not to lead us into temptation that we cannot is so precious that you do have a heart that is willing to wait and to be patient and trust in the Lord. it is a time of patience, a time of listening, a time of growing, and for trusting. i’ll be praying for you. and i’m also waiting with you. you’re not alone. call me sometime.

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