Josh Groban….who else?!!!

Words simply cannot describe the happiness I felt last evening as I put on my new dress and makeup.  The excitement just kept building up as we got closer to the Sports Arena. They wouldn’t let us bring cameras, but my housemate took pics with her phone, so I need to get those from her.  NEED to get those pics from her.  Not just WANT, but NEED.

After about two hours of sitting in the car, finding our seats, buying a $20 program (which was a splurge buy), and suffering through the opening act (which would have been good if I hadn’t been so impatient), HE finally came on stage.

And OH MY GOODNESS, HOW I SCREAMED!!!!  My legs and my hands were trembling with excitement.  I screamed like a teenage fan girl.  And now my throat is kinda sore.  And when I tried to get out of my seat, I almost fell over because I was shaking so much.

TWO HOURS of joyous bliss passed as we indulged our ears in a massage treatment of his exquisite voice, his extremely talented piano playing, and his romantic lyrics. 

And then it came to an end. 

It was such a blessed experience.  I think I’m suffering from post-concert depression now.

But it was soooo crazy.

I still can’t believe I screamed that much.  Usually I’m a very calm, quiet, shy person.  But for Josh Groban, I’ll scream anytime, anyday.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. bingfyre says:

    man…. dang…. you josh groban ANIMAL!!!

  2. I WAS THERE TOO! I got a hug from Josh Groban in the end! *dies and goes to heaven*

  3. itsasony says:

    Now I finally know what they mean by girls lust by hearing.

  4. ilovesteaks says:

    it’s always the quiet ones! =)

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