A world of four white walls and no ceiling.  The only blue I see is the sky.  I am not tall enough, not strong enough, to climb the walls to escape.  I have no wings to fly away.  All I have is my mind.  But every time I try to escape, the walls close in on me a little more.  More and more each time I attempt to flee my prison.  And each time, part of my sanity flies out into the blue sky.  So I stop trying to escape.  I accept my fate, but still gaze longingly at the blue sky above me that will always be there but will always be out of reach.

I have 2 midterms next week.  I’m not studying right now.

I’m supposed to go to office hours right now.  Am I in my car driving to school?  Nope.  It’s raining.

IT’S RAINING!!!!!!  I can’t function when it rains.  AHHHHHHH

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