Every so often, I get this recurring dream.  I wrote it down back in August, but that wasn’t the first time I had the dream.  And then I had it recently again, so I felt like posting it again.  I always have this dream when I feel like there’s no hope for me in the world of romance.  And then I feel better.


I’m in the bookstore.  There, on the very top shelf, is the book I want.  I cannot see the title, but I know it will be a great story.  I reach for it, but it is too high.  Then I see a hand grab it, and I look behind me.  It’s him!!  I would know him anywhere.  But who is he?  He silently hands me the book.  He smiles at me and gives me a curt nod, then turns to walk away. 

“Wait!” I call.  He turns around.  Darkness enshrouds him, so I cannot see his face.  But I know by the way he stands, that his expression is one that exudes confidence, boldness. 

“You’re the one, aren’t you?” I ask uncertainly.

He nods. 

“What’s your name?” I continue to question, a little more boldly.

He shakes his head and speaks.  His voice is a melodic tenor.
“It is not yet the time.  God intends for us to grow up a little more before we cross paths in reality.  We both must wait patiently, and that book,” he points to the book in my hands, “will contain a beautiful story that God has written just for us.”

And he turns around and walks away.

I stare at the book.  It has no title.  I open the first page.  It’s the story of my childhood, my teenage years, and my life up to now.  Then in the middle, it cuts off.  All blank pages from the middle to the end. 
How frustrating!!!  I always read the ending of a story first.  And this time it is not possible.

And….I wake up with a start.  I’m in my bed in my familiar room, and there is naught but darkness around me.  It was just a dream…the same recurring dream that has haunted my sleep for the past two years.


I’ve also gotten into a new fantasy series.  So I went to the bookstore and bought like 3 books by the same author.  I need to stop buying books.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Smiley711 says:

    too many romance novels. =0) hehehe…

  2. bingfyre says:

    can’t you just get them from the library? ;P

  3. WAY too many romance novels for you….lol

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