Who ARE You?

It’s weird…

I don’t know everything about my friends.  They don’t tell me things anymore.  I feel estranged, alienated.

It’s like a wake up call.  Am I not making myself available to them?  Am I being too reclusive?

Maybe I’m not a very good friend. 

Since last year, I’ve gotten used to doing things by myself.  It comes to the point where I’d rather stay at home than go out and hang out with people.  I’d rather cook at home and save money and read a book on a Friday or Saturday night.  I make excuses for not hanging out, mainly saying that I need to study.  I have my own set schedule, and I get annoyed when I have to change things to hang out with someone. 

It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with people.  It’s just….I guess I like having time to myself instead of always being busy having places to go, people to see.

But maybe I’ve been doing too much stuff by myself.  Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate things and make put in more effort to talk to my friends and hang out with them. 

I thought they knew that they could come to me for anything.  But maybe because I seem reclusive, they’re afraid of bothering me.

I hope that I don’t wake up one day and realize that I’ve lost all my friends.

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  1. Smiley711 says:

    you have lots and lots of friends….we all loveeeee you. =0)

  2. ilovesteaks says:

    As they say, friendship is a 2-way street.  So you can only blame yourself for 50% of it. =)My advice is: don’t wait, be proactive.  Don’t do anything expecting a response.  Everyone needs friends, the life of a hermit is no good.

  3. You can come shopping with me…if you dare!!LOL!! I spend way too much time buying stuff these days it’s rather ridiculous, even my mom couldn’t stand it and had to give up. But~ if you feel like shopping anytime soon remember to call me up!

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