I know so many people face the same worries as I do.

But I have never felt so alone in this world.

Sometimes I wish my heart were made of stone.  So I wouldn’t feel my emotions so deeply and not get so attached to people.  So I could push and shove my way to the top instead of letting everyone else go ahead of me.  So I could read people better and know their true intentions instead of being so innocent and trusting and believing that they are good.

But it’s not my personality.

It feels like I’m the only one who has no place to go.  I know I should trust God, I know I should cast my cares upon Him, but I still feel so…alone.  I’ve never been to the point of brokenness before.  Maybe when I’m actually broken, God will come and fix me.  Maybe it’s a new lesson.  But as of now, I feel like I’m shattering.


NO, I’m actually not that depressed.  Just very stressed out.  Anxious.  Confused.  Bewildered.  Overwhelmed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Haruno Sumire!!!she erases my worries away (actually….not really, she sure can pull you into her fantasy world)::pat pat::when you feel like listening to total nonsense to momentarily forget your anxiety, confusion, bewilderment, overwhemnent(o.O???), call me! but then…..uh my phones kinda broken….so you mite hear…….silence. –___–

  2. hard2Bgr33n says:

    oh little girl…you worry me sometimes. =0)finals will be over before you know it. we shall play a lot this weekend. remember God loves you a wholeeee bunch. (even more than you love your romance/fantasy/classic novels). if you’re still stressed when you read this, go into the freezer and have some of my mango ice cream. you can have it all if you want. =0)

  3. I’m done with finals!!!!YAY!!!! so, yeah, if u want to talk call me up anytime!!Who needs misery when you can go shopping, lol….

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