There’s too much to do!!!  I just wanna get it over with so I can sit there and listen to country music while driving off into the sunset.  But I’ll never be able to be idle.  It doesn’t happen in real life.

Everything is so different.  It feels like college was just summer camp, and I’ve come back to my hometown only to discover that four years have passed by in one summer.  I feel like Rip Van Winkle after he awakened from his nap and realized that he had been sleeping for years.  Where has everybody gone?

I want to become the main character of a life story rather than a secondary character always remaining in the background.  I want adventure and silence at the same time.  I want to sit on a cliff facing the seashore while writing short stories like Anne Shirley.  I want to explore the world and find myself and meet new people.  Maybe even find my future husband without realizing that it’s him until the last minute so that I have to chase after him in the rain like Jo March had to chase Professor Bhaer. 

Okay, I’m getting carried away.

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  1. Your stories crack me up! Yeah, it’s too hot right now to think properly…but I guess idelness is always sweeter after you’ve been busy all day and really, no body wants an story book life all the time. I guess what I’m saying is that you sound like you’re bored, maybe just need a lift? what are u up to in summer anyways??

  2. ilovesteaks says:

    but you are the main the character of your life story! =)

  3. hard2Bgr33n says:

    i feel exactlyyy the same way you do…EXACTLY! hehehe…

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