I spent my whole birthday looking for a job and studying.

I have concluded:

1.  I have no desire to study anymore.

2.  There are no jobs out there that actually want to hire me.  This means that without more school, I am nothing.  I am useless.

3.  I will never get more experience because nobody wants to hire me.  Therefore, I will have nothing to put on my resume, and when I apply to more jobs, they won’t hire me because I don’t have enough experience, which is in fact, not my fault, but theirs, since they did not want to hire me in the first place.

I am frustrated right now.

And I’m sad for the Korean hostages in Afghanistan getting killed off one by one.

People are terrible.

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  1. bingfyre says:

    sigh… it is a bit of a conundrum isn’t it.  but yknow what?  i feel the same way for sure.  i think most people feel the same way at one point.  and after some uncomfortable uncertainty, they find their place.
    and ya… people really suck sometimes.  but some are ok, and that makes it a bit easier.

  2. hard2Bgr33n says:

    you sound like that commercial that tells you to go to school. it says “i need more money. i can’t get more money unless i have a better job. i can’t get a better job unless i go to school. i can’t go to school because i need more money…” and so on and so forth. then it tells you to go to their school b/c they have financial aid. not a very good commercial b/c i don’t even remember what school it was for. =0) you silly little girl. you haven’t replied to my email yet. boooo to you. i will probably call you later. =0p

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