I couldn’t sleep this past week.  It’s because my body’s tuned to knowing that this was finals week at SD.  So I kept dreaming about studying and finals, and it was just horrible.

I think I will have these dreams forever. 

But….I still kinda wish I could go visit SD.  I miss people, and my life is boring.  I’m waiting for something exciting to happen.

I’m really bad at keeping in touch.  -____-  I haven’t seen many people for AGES.  Even the ones in LA.  Even the ones in freaking ARCADIA!!!!  But I think I’m going through a “solitary phase.”  I even enjoy singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to myself.  I can just deal with things better alone.  I can’t stand it anymore when people and friends keep asking me what I’m doing now.  Maybe when I’m done applying and have heard from some schools, I’ll be better about keeping in contact. 

It’s a weird feeling I can’t describe at all.

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  1. mechalance says:

    granddots!i know what you mean, i still keep having all these wierd feeling of nostalgia/”missing the past” somehow, things, events and people from the past feels so “close/real” yet so “far”.. had an intense bout of it this afternoon. =( thou, i cherish the past, but i feel like i need to move on, but all the memories from the past seems to be beckoning to me…how are you doing? you can always write to me… i’ll write back…

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