I’m kind of freaking out, but not really.  It’s sad that nobody wants me, and I think I should be more worried.  So far, I’ve gotten all rejections…but I think it’s because they wanted me to turn in my letters of recommendation with the main application and I didn’t because I didn’t have the letters at the time.

Maybe God doesn’t want me to be a dentist.  I don’t really think I’d want to stare at people’s mouths all day either. 

Oh well…I still have pharmacy and grad school.  Haven’t gotten rejected YET…..

What do I really want to do?  I have no idea.  I guess I would love to sit here all day writing my stories, which I have been for the past month.  But that gets kind of frustrating too, because when it comes to my stories, I’m a perfectionist.  I write a chapter, only to rethink everything and realize that parts of it don’t really make sense.  Then I start from scratch.  And that is why, after seven years, I am still only on chapter two.  But I think it’s starting to make sense and actually connect, so I won’t have to rewrite chapter one.  Chapter one is ten pages long.  In book form, that would be about twenty pages. 

I really like researching other books to see how different authors describe scenery, fights, and how the characters can converse with each other.  I’ve noticed that there are so many ways to say the word “said,” but usually authors just use “said,” “mumbled,” “laughed,” and a few others.  Usually the author just describes how the person says something, like:

“Blah blah blah,” Charlie Brown’s mom said, breathlessly.

Or…in a long conversation, “said” is not even necessary, as long as the reader knows who is talking at first.

CF was very excited.  “Blah blah blah!!!”

“BLAH!!!” replied JL.

CF looked at JL in surprise.  “Blah blah blah!!!”


“Blah blah blah!!!”

And so on…..

Another problem I’ve faced is POINTS OF VIEW!!!!  So there’s a mystery in my story that one family completely knows about.  And then there’s a girl who knows nothing about it.  My problem is…how much is the reader supposed to know?  To me, the reader’s point of view is the most important.  Should I have them know what the family knows?  Or should the reader be oblivious like the girl?  And when I switch from the girl’s point of view to the family’s point of view, how am I supposed to keep the mystery a mystery when all the family wants to talk about is the answer to they mystery?

Anyway, I’ve talked myself into a frenzy.  I’m still researching books to see how authors do this.  Maybe I should go out and buy some mystery novels….no, on second thought, that would be a BAD idea.  As if I wasn’t already addicted to every other genre of novel out there.

This was a long, pointless entry, so I will try to make a point as I end.  My point is….I should be caring more about what school I’m going to end up in, but all I really care about is the technique of writing a conversation in a story!!!!

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  1. ilovesteaks says:

    Perhaps you should to be looking at other options besides the health field. Although I pursued Optometry school when I first got out of school, it was not my number one choice. I’m happy with where I’m at now (finally). =)

  2. hard2Bgr33n says:

    i actually think it’s a good thing that you get all obsessed with mystery novels…hehehe… did i tell you that i reread and then there was none and murder on the orient express. i’m excited about your stories. email them to me when you get the chance. i enjoy reading them.
    who cares about dentist school. you didn’t want to go there anyway. andddd that just means that God has other plans for you. =0)

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