I went to buy an outfit for my cousin’s wedding, so I decided to go into this little Chinese clothing boutique.  You know the type….when the saleslady keeps trying to sell you things and won’t give up.  And when she tells you, oh that looks so good on you, even if it doesn’t.  But…this saleslady decided to say something a little too personal for my taste.  I’ve always had a complex with my weight.  When I was in middle school, I was on the heavy side, and it wasn’t until the middle of high school when I started shedding those pounds. 

So this saleslady said in Chinese that I was fat, and probably this certain skirt would make me look less so.  I got extremely mad and felt like saying, “I know my butt is big, but please keep your two cents to yourself!  It’s people like you who reinforce other people’s low self-esteem!” but of course, you know I didn’t.  Later, my mom said it’s probably because the customers at that store are all those extremely petite 5 footer Asian girls who are as skinny as a pole.  It didn’t really make me feel better, but oh well……..

Character.  I must remind myself that character is most important.  Developing gentleness, patience, kindness, self-control, etc…

Anyway, I’ve been writing more of my story, and I’ve realized that I have to do research on EVERYTHING!!!  Even when I describe the scenery with a sentence this simple

“The smell of pine trees and gardenias filled the cold night air as Cathy and Bay trudged along the dirt-strewn paths of the woods.”

Questions come up.  Like….do gardenias bloom at night?  Do pine trees and gardenias bloom in the same region?  And do they even grow in the woods?  (I only know the answer to the first question:  gardenias do bloom more at night and release more fragrance; the other questions have yet to be researched).

I never realized how much research goes into writing a FICTIONAL story!!!  But I LOVE it!!!  I love it a lot more than doing biological research. 

Add on:  I have a new pen name.  Calina Fonaly…why did I pick it?  You’ll just have to ask me.  It does have a meaning.  =D

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  1. hard2Bgr33n says:

    you crazy lady! i love your stories. as for the mean oh lady…it’s normal. i went to a store in chinatown with my mom once and my mom was buying a top and that lady told her that she was fat and that she’d have to get her another size. i was so mad. i told my mom that she was rude and my mom said that that was just how chinese people talk to each other. it’s not supposed to be offensive…so it’s not that you’re big. you’re just too beautiful and she couldn’t find a flaw, so she had to make one up. =0)

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