I’m terrible.  Especially when I’m sick.

I finally caved in and bought American Idol songs.  I lost my self control.  Not only did I buy those–I bought a few Mandarin songs and a song of Josh Groban’s that I already had.  Why did I buy the song I already had?  Because it was his live version, of course.

And last week, I bought five books after a whole month of book fasting.

Books and music will make me penniless one day.  Especially books.

No more spending money.  NO MORE!!!!  I’m poor and must save for paying back loans.

Even if I did just get my paycheck the other day…..

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  1. icjesus says:

    Yes! You caved in!!! *hahaha* What’d you buy?

  2. icjesus says:

    Tickets range from $35-65, excluding ticketmaster’s charges… LA Convention Center (7/7).Most of the songs I bought were the 2 Davids, and a song each of Carly, Jason, and Brooke.

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