The Heirs of Orchid High: The Girl Who Spoke Flower

This story came to me a couple years ago, as I was reflecting on some real life stories of people close to me. Not to name any names, but I’ll bet if they read it, they’d know I was “using” them. =) Thanks anonymous friends and family, I still love you, but fiction blossoms from non-fiction.


On a dare, Marcus and his three best friends break into the garden of Lockhart Mansion to steal a dozen white roses. But just as it seems they might just pull it off, a girl appears in the orangery and karate chops Marcus into diced liver!

The girl’s name is Emmaline Lockhart, sole granddaughter to Mrs. Pauline Lockhart and heiress to Splash and Spray Factory, the country’s leading perfume and soap company. To Marcus’s surprise, Mrs. Lockhart promises not to press charges. On one condition…

Marcus and his friends must draw Emma out of her solitary world. The girl talks to no one, choosing to spend all her time in the gardens talking to flowers or reading. It seems an impossible task, but should the band of four succeed, Mrs. Lockhart is willing to pay all their college tuitions to the college of their choosing. As Marcus’s friends are all poor orphans, he realizes it’s an opportunity they cannot pass up.

And Marcus is willing to do anything for his friends.

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