Poeming Once a Week #4


The Lady of the Sea

The lady of the sea lost her one true love
Beneath the stormy, billowing swell
So she pled with the waters for his return
‘Til the sea surrendered a silver shell

The lady of the sea was not satisfied
Though thunder crashed and storm clouds whirled
Still she watched and waited and yearned
So the waves delivered a shiny pearl

The lady of the sea still wept in grief
Causing a light to shine from heaven afar
It parted the waters of the deep
To relinquish the brightest of sea stars

The lady of the sea waded into the tide
Seeking the only comfort she could find
The ocean finally yielded to her request
The waves breathed a final sigh and resigned

The lady of the sea saw her love at last
He called her name, and she took his hand
They waltzed into the sunset, never looking back
At the shell, pearl, and star still left in the sand

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