The Lighthouse Keeper and the Sandpiper


A lighthouse keeper strolled alone on the sand

No one ever wandered upon his private land

He noticed a gray piper limping his way

She crooned a sad tune across the lonely bay


He decided to keep her ‘til she could fly again

For the sandpiper’s wing was sorely in pain

But to his surprise, the bird changed into a maid

Who told him that his kindness would be repaid


For a jealous siren had cursed the maiden to stay

A girl by night but a wounded sandpiper by day

Granting wishes to merciful souls who found her

Accursed to wander, a lonely traveler


There was no wish the man could think he desired

It was only loneliness of which he tired

So he gave the girl shelter and a room to stay

In exchange, she kept him company day by day


But the girl was sweet and clever and kind and fair

With her angelic voice and silken, black hair

Bit by bit, love for her took hold of his heart

‘Til he knew he would die should she ever depart


He knew her soul longed and ached to be set free

By the way she stared at the wide stretch of sea

He realized he could not force her to stay

For he would never win her heart that way


So with his one wish, he broke the curse, let her go

Then heartbroken, he drank away his woes

Retreated into dark silence, once again alone

Death took its chance and slowly seeped into his bones


Yet, Death did not take him, though it did come near

Only to be chased away by a face so dear

He dreamed of her singing and calling his name

His piper’s still, sweet voice vanquishing all his pain


As good health returned, he could not continue to sleep

Reluctantly he decided to take just one peep

Expecting to find nothing but loneliness once more

But there was his piper curled up on the floor


Amazed, he embraced her, as she cried into his chest

“I couldn’t leave.  I’m in love with you,” she confessed.

Tears streamed down her face, as he echoed her words

One kiss sealed their vows, and their love was secured


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