Poeming Again–“Table for One”

she’s sitting at a table for one
alone in a crowded room
watching the whirling couples go by
as they dance in the light of the moon

she’s weary of waiting, of watching in silence
from the shadows on the outside looking in
a snowglobe filled with people in love
separated by invisible glass as they joyfully spin

how she hates that table reserved for just one
the seat grows unbearable as time continues to pass
nobody ever takes notice of her
how long will the pain of rejection last?

so she takes a sip of her long cooled down coffee
still sitting at a table for one
and reads a book about the love she wishes she had
forever doubting that it will come

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  1. Very touching. Anyone, however ‘proud to be single’, is a liar if they say they’ve never felt like this at least once.

    1. calinafonali says:

      Thanks Elaine! 🙂

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