Poeming Again: “Sometimes”

rose in snow

driving down the freeway, 5 am
the sun is reluctant to wake
nothing but sad songs on the radio
all about love and heartache

sometimes the light remains red
no matter how long we wait for the green
sometimes it’s only after the candle is lit
when we finally see the unseen

sometimes we think we’ll never see summer
when endless winter pours snow on our dreams
sometimes we wish for love at first sight
never realizing it will take three

sometimes we get waffles when we ordered pancakes
and we complain the service here stinks
sometimes we get everything we want
only to find it’s not at all what we need

sometimes we journey to distant lands
in search of the perfect rainbow
not seeing the beautiful prism that’s here
right next door since many years ago

sometimes the saying is true–it takes time to heal
though the scars will never go away
a rose may get trampled to death
but even bruised, its fragrance will stay

sometimes too, it takes time for Beauty to grow
and even more time for Beauty to train
before the right man takes note of her
and they can build a love that forever remains

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