Words. They have the power to heal and the power to hurt. It’s hard not to let those words hold power over you. But they do, no matter what. Especially when they come from people who probably don’t even know how much their words can affect someone.

Someone who’s just lost a loved one and is asked if they are okay yet because it’s “already” been a year. A young mother who has had a miscarriage and is constantly bombarded by pictures of friends’ babies. A teen battling body issues, and a well-meaning relative politely suggests she tries a new diet.

I’ve met people who have experienced all of these insensitive remarks. Nothing I’ve experienced will compare, but I will share something nevertheless.

Words can really mess with your mind. .

It hurts when someone you like starts giving you dating advice. Even more so, when you thought he liked you. It’s like he’s unintentionally (or intentionally) telling you to move on, and those words paralyze you like a cat stuck in a tree. And the words fester in your mind, though you’re sure he probably has no idea how much his well-meaning words have grown into blisters that won’t go away. The knife digs even deeper when you realize he’s probably not even thinking of you at all, that all this time, he probably hasn’t liked you as much as you thought.

And you consider taking his advice. But not yet. Not just yet. It may be paralyzing fear keeping you atop this high tree, but you can’t drag your eyes away from the view. The free fall is beautifully treacherous, and it’s fascinatingly hypnotic.The dagger is already in your heart, but it’ll hurt more to take it out.

So instead, you blog about your feelings to strangers, making sure the post isn’t linked to your Facebook account this time around,

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