15 Things You Should Know About Asian-Americans

Every time I see this one dude at work, he makes a comment about Chinese food or Chinese culture, or he says “ni hao.”

Well pal, look at #5 on this list and go away.

Thought Catalog

1. Being Asian does not automatically make me a savant. But, yes, I can and will kick your ass at school.

2. Asking me to help you with your math homework is okay. Using “I figured I’d ask you because, you’re — you know — Asian” and then giggling as if this were a reasonable justification will only induce me to tell you that two plus two equals six before walking away.

3. Broccoli and beef or chicken curry from a dinky, food court counter in the mall qualifies as authentic Asian cuisine just as about as much as hot dogs with mayo can be considered authentic “American” cuisine.

4. Even though stereotypes toward Asian females paint us as obedient, docile, or subservient, most of us embody none of the above. We are more tigers than we are sweet lotus flowers.

5. If you attempt to hit on me with…

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