Stitch Fix Review March 2015

Came home to find a Stitch Fix box! Might as well review it. Here’s what I kept and didn’t keep.

1. Donna Morgan Cam Gathered Waist Dress: I liked the color, since I’m a huge fan of blue and white. I thought the waistline was flattering, and I liked that it was conservative. The neckline wasn’t really low, and the length was perfectly centered between my knees and ankles. A good piece for a work event or church. KEPT

2. Senna Zip Up Cardigan: OK, while I did request a floral pattern, I really wasn’t a fan of this piece. I also don’t need more cardigans when it’s 90 degrees outside. SENT BACK

3. Catoosa Knit Top: Hated this. Made me look fat. I hated the stripes. I requested something lavender, but this lavender was a little too dark and not pastel enough for me. Plus, it’s another long sleeved blouse, which I don’t need as spring has descended upon us in full swing already. SENT BACK

4. Nedal Lace Yoke Blouse: I LOVED this blouse. Not only did I love the blush color, I loved the whimsically romantic lace neckline. It has this airy, bourgeois feeling to it that fits my style to the T. KEPT

5. Metal Bib Necklace: I did not like the necklace they sent. It was too bold of a statement piece for me. I liked that it was silver toned, but the two tiered bib design was simply put, really ugly, in my opinion. Plus, it was really expensive for an accessory. SENT BACK

In conclusion, I kept 2 pieces this time total. The dress and the blush blouse. Hopefully I’ll get to wear them out soon!

20150327_150549 20150327_150330 20150327_150156 20150327_145944 20150327_145344

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