Napowrimo Day 6: Aubade

Well, I couldn’t sleep at all last night, thanks to a poor decision to have really strong coffee far too late in the day. But work beckoned, and I still had to rise at 4:30. Which makes today’s prompt rather appropriate.

The prompt is to write an aubade, or a morning poem that says farewell to a lover, and since today is Monday, the prompt also instructs to write a Monday sort of aubade.

So here’s mine.

coffee triumphed over wine last night
resulting in soldered shut eyes
I rise before my beloved
nearly yielding to his protesting cries
he tempts me like no other lover
beckons with a warm embrace
the scent of sleep on his honeyed tongue
kisses luring me not to wake in haste

but Monday is jealous and cruel
a siren ringing in the sunless morn
a demanding tyrant that shall not wait
she drags me from my lover’s arms
the mistress of weekdays cackles and crows
shouts obscenities that pound my head
douses me with a bucket of cold reality
and I am pried from my sweetheart, my darling Bed

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