Napowrimo Day 8: Palinode

Today, the instructions are to write a palinode, a poem that retracts a statement in an earlier poem, or a poem about why you’ve changed your mind about something.

I’ve chosen to write about how I’ve changed my mind about my childhood home. It was a house I used to take for granted, but my parents have been thinking of selling it and moving to another area, which just triggered the waterworks in me.

the house where I grew up
was always just there for me
a boring place I’d return everyday
but it was nothing special to see

I used to cringe at its defects
the old walls creaked at night
the rusty pipes leaked sometimes
and the sloped driveway was a plight

there were times I wished it were bigger
with walk in closets and French doors
a professional chef’s kitchen would be nice
and so would marbled floors

I’d often rather stay outside
visiting friends and having fun
than return to what I felt was
a dull monastery for a rebellious nun

but I’ve since grown and altered my view
as the house may no longer be mine
I love its quirks and whimsical ways
how precious it has grown with time

the cozy garden has lodged generations of birds
my bedroom is a sanctuary after working all day
behold the aged built in cabinets and bookshelves
hiding childhood secrets I long ago stashed away

my favorite spot to conceal my four year-old self
during those innocent days of hide and seek
was in the alcove behind the living room chimney
where I’d giggle at my mommy and try not to peek

the smell of the linen closet brings to mind nostalgic days
clumsy chubby hands helping Mommy fold the clothes
my parents’ old wedding chest still lies in my room
when it opens it still puffs a fragrance of musky rose

even as I’m forced to move on
goodbyes are just so hard to say
I am thankful for that good old house
and it’s the memories I’ll take away

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