Napowrimo Day 14: Dialogue

Prompt today: write a poem containing dialogue between 2 people or 2 personified entities.

beautifully deadly that’s what you are to me
though I’ll never let you know
so I keep pretending that I don’t care
and never let my feelings show

he loves me he loves me not
a question I’ve asked for years
if you really do love me though
why must you only conjure tears?

I once thought I was in love you see
but her smiles were counterfeit jewels
you’re just another potential tornado
my heart’s massacre—callous and cruel

I can’t continue on like this
I cannot heal your tortured soul
I can’t become your saving grace
I’ll never make you whole

I wish I had met you at another time and place
but doubt and fear relentlessly whip and lash
gouging and tearing what’s left of me
my heart is nothing but an ugly gash

have you ever thought that I have feelings too?
your heart isn’t alone in its need to find a shield
you’ve already become a gaping wound in my side
the gunshot of your indifference will have me killed

past memories tether me—helium ghosts hovering
a veil of angry balloons refusing to float away
but maybe it’s time to sever their strings one by one
please wait for me to untie them—don’t go away

no reply

please come back


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