Napowrimo Day 29: Review

Whoops, guess I missed a few days. OK, weeks. But since tomorrow’s the last day, might as well make a last ditch effort. Prompt: write a poem reviewing something.

“death of a friendship”

we were bound by nothing more than a loose thread
unraveling a sweater never meant to be worn
shallow laughs during convenient times
but you disappeared in my darkest storm

I wish I had sensed this defective scale sooner
your worth to me was more than a treasure chest
oh but I was a mere jar of trinkets and paperclips
you kept for show safe on your desk

second rate to that popular clique
who let you into their high society
you were too excited to notice
that they had snubbed and cut me

but I have grown strong and confident
won’t allow myself to stay in your shadow
so here’s to the death of a friendship
the concert is over—time to take a final bow

no longer afraid to lose what you never gave
what we had is now buried in the grave

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