Thoughts on Social Media

tree-200795_1920I have to be honest. I am not fond of social media. Yet, I know it’s necessary in this day and age to gain readers and market myself.

I just wish I could have more time to write. Because updating all my social media pages and trying to gain followers seems to be about all I have time to do. I’ve neglected writing my stories. As an author, shouldn’t I be concentrating on writing instead of tweeting and Instagraming and updating my status?

At this point, social media feels more like a necessary evil. I can write a book, but if no one wants to read it, then what’s the point? I need to market it, and the best way to do that is by increasing my fan base/followers. However, here comes another problem. The Internet has made it too easy for anyone to post their books and stories.

Free stories. And yes, many of them feature great writing. But many of them also have bad grammar, plot holes, clichés, and the whole shebang. But if the writer is popular on social media, she/he gets lots of attention.

So is there any need for publishing at all anymore? If people are willing to read terrible writing for free, then why would they even bother buying books anymore?

I know it takes time to build a fan base, but sometimes, I feel like it’s all hopeless. I feel like giving up. Why would anyone want to read my story, when there are tons of stories on the Internet–fanfiction about characters they already care about, tons of sex, stories written by already famous people?

How do I make people care about what I’ve written?

The answer to that is, of course, social media. Which brings us full circle.

Just a few thoughts…what are your views?

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  1. Barbara says:

    Interaction with every single comment that you receive on whatever site you use, like comment for comment to build rapport. And just keep writing and uploading, to keep people interested and coming back. It seems you are doing this with deciding to do a short story a week. I think the answer to your question is that you do it because you love it and that it wouldn’t necessarily matter if you got paid, that’s not why you do it. And, as you are waiting to get paid, you get better at your craft. I think there are excellent authors out there for free, you just have to find them. But they ARE writing fanfic and not original fic. There are plenty of terrible published authors and stories that I have no interest in reading and find myself hating the story (The Girl on the Train). I think there are ideas and subjects in fanfic that are miles ahead of what is out there now. And on the flip side, I expect my novels to have metaphors, complexities and subtleties that I am happy to pay for and do not expect to find for free online. If you’ve got something fancy that is your gem, I’d work it and forget social media. Just come back when you need a recharge or you enjoy that social feedback. It can be healthy for you too. A balance, like anything. I think you are doing the right things by getting involved in writing groups or just writing support friends. Have fun with it!

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