Book in Box-The Little Prince

If any of you have heard of Little Lace Box, I think it’s quite a clever idea. If you sign up, they will send you a box of five items centered around a theme. They’ve done themes centered around books, such as Pride and Prejudice and The Little Prince. They’ve also done themes like “A Fresh New Start” and “Love Letters.” The items they send can be anything from bath soaps to kitchen knick-knacks.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to put together a box of my own, centered around books that my book club reads.

A book in box, if you will.

the little prince box

Here are my picks for this month:

  1. Perfume Seed Rose Body Mist from The Face Shop
    I thought of this rose-scented body mist because of the prince’s rose–the single rose that grows on his planet. She is a vain thing that he must care for because she can’t fend for herself, and she never tells him that she loves him back until he leaves.

    I use this product, and I love it. It’s such a light, airy perfume and doesn’t drown you in the smell, the way some expensive, overstated fragrances would.

  2. Fur the Win Thigh Highs in Fox
    I love ModCloth’s tights and stockings. I have the cat version, but the fox version fits with the theme, as the prince had to tame his fox.
  3. Enchanted Forest Adult Coloring Book
    Because the book is filled with watercolor drawings, I thought it would be nice to have a coloring book. Plus, it goes back to that whole theme about childhood creativity versus adult practicality. Do you even remember the last time you colored a picture? I’ll bet it was a long time ago…when you were a kid.

    I’ve also read that it’s therapeutic and calming to color.

  4. Bathing Elephant Trinket Dish
    The first illustration in the book is of the elephant inside the boa constrictor. So here’s an elephant outside the boa constrictor.
  5. Lavender Scented Soy Candle
    This brings to mind the lamplighter who the prince meets on one of the planets. Also, French lavender…because the author is French.

    I’ve always found lavender to be relaxing. It’s used to combat restlessness and insomnia. I also love using lavender to flavor desserts. I’ve made lavender earl grey cupcakes that were absolutely delicious. Maybe I’ll post that recipe one of these days.

  6. Anywhere Travel Guide
    Absolutely brilliant idea! These are prompt cards with activity ideas you can use during your various travels, such as “take a walk with a wish in your pocket and leave it somewhere in the city.”

    I chose this because both the prince and the narrator are lost wanderers, traveling in the desert.

  7. Fox Character Face Mask
    I also found this face mask, which has a fox painted on the sheet. Another fox item to tie into the book, and this one moisturizes your skin, which is a good thing if you’re in a dry desert, like the prince and the narrator were.

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