Weekly Book Review-If the Green Left the Grass by T.K. Yeager

Back in my day, we didn’t have all this social media or websites to post stories and fanfics…I wave my cane at youngsters and shuck my false teeth at them scalawags.

I think one of the greatest advantages of being able to post your work on sites like Swoon Reads or Wattpad is to get feedback. Not only will you be able to find out how you can improve, but hopefully, as a writer reviewing other writers, you will also discover how to better critique your own work.

I must admit, writing a formal critique of someone’s work is new for me. But I’m hoping the more I do it, the better I’ll become. My goal is to read and review at least one story per week. (Let’s see how I continue with this when my day job kicks my butt).

This week’s review features: If the Green Left the Grass by T.K. Yeager

You can read a longer synopsis and the book on Swoon Reads. Just follow the link above!

1 Sentence Synopsis: Henry moves to the city, meets Bree, and friendship develops between them, though a misunderstanding threatens to break them apart.

Overall Impression: 4.5/5
I loved the overall tone and the introspection. The way the love story blossomed between Henry and Bree was sweet and natural. I also liked that the author was inspired to write this story from a song…just shows you inspiration comes from all places.

Characters: I liked that the author switched POVs between the main characters, Henry and Bree. This engaged the reader better in feeling their emotions and understanding their inner thought process. I could feel the angst and pain and passion they experienced. I also liked that the supporting characters were diverse, in race, description, and personality. They all had some sort of backstory, which made them seem more mature and developed. Age-appropriate, as the characters are older than the typical high school YA romance.

I thought that maybe there could have been a little more character development in Henry’s sister, Polly. I thought she was interesting, but she kind of just popped in and out pretty quickly.

Plot: I thought the plot was a little slow-paced. There wasn’t a lot of action, mostly thoughts and reflection from the characters, but that kind of fit the tone of the story. It was like a slice of life. If I could offer some constructive criticism though, it would be that the main plot doesn’t quite start until the third chapter-ish, when Henry and Bree actually “literally” bump into each other. Also, I felt that the tragedy of Bree’s backstory was revealed a little late in the story…a little slow-paced again. But I think that the author did it to create more tension in the plotline.

The romance was written beautifully. Not only the lovey dovey scenes, but the whole tone of the story. The tragedy of the past, the passion for life and art and words–there was just this romantic air about it all. Again, it made me nostalgic, reminding me of the slice of life one shot manga I used to read as a teen/college student.

Favorite Quote: “You should leave the weeping to these willow trees.”

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