Weekly Book Review-This Kiss by M.C. Frank

This week, I’m going to review This Kiss by M.C. Frank. The author made an extremely nice comment on my own story–this after I had received two rejections from literary agents–but just a disclaimer that this did not bias my opinions of her story. However, because she did leave me a comment, I went on to click on her profile, which led me to her story.

The lesson is this: the more you’re willing to comment/review others’ work and be nice in your constructive criticism, the more likely those people will read your work and reciprocate.

1 Sentence Summary: A famous actor falls in love with a stunt girl, but she discovers a tumor in her brain. (Please click on link above to read full synopsis and story)

Overall: 9/10

I absolutely LOVED this story. It’s been awhile since I put a book down and continued thinking about the characters on my drive home. (Also rather dangerous, but alas, this is what good authors do). The author developed such witty banter, and the emotional angst just tugged at my already taut heartstrings. That the first half of the book had echoes of Pride and Prejudice only made it better. It was well-written, and as the setting was in Greece, it made me really wish I could take a MUCH needed vacay on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

Plot: This read like a more PG-13 version of a romance novel. And that is exactly why I loved it. The stakes were high in regards to matters of the heart. I also loved the style of writing–between long chapters were excerpts from magazine articles, emails, and twitter accounts. I thought this was quite clever, especially since social media is so dominant in modern society. It makes sense to use it in a contemporary story. I loved how the characters were based on Pride and Prejudice. The only thing was that this did not exactly continue throughout the book. The whole Pride and Prejudice theme sort of got pushed to the sidelines.

Characters: Loved the inner struggles of both Wes and Ari. It made them more real, and I fell in love with both of them. I loved that they both wanted to become better people. The romance between them, with all its ups and downs, had me laughing and screaming, sometimes within the same sentence. I thought the romance scenes were very steamy (a good thing). The only thing I wasn’t quite sure about was Ari pushing Wes away after her surgery…It felt like it was just a way of creating more drama between them. I thought it made more sense that she would push him away for the reason that was stated later–she didn’t want him to be the guy whose girlfriend died. But since she was already recovering, I would think that it wouldn’t be an issue anymore. That being said, I did like how Ari admits it was fear that made her push Wes away, and she would have made any excuse to push him away because of that fear.

Favorite Quote: Basically the whole scene when Wes rescues Ari from the sea. I could just picture the beautiful water, and it was written so eloquently.

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