Reading: Cinder, the first in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and I’m seriously addicted. This is like sci-fi meets fairy tale meets Sailor Moon. As I was a huge fan of Sailor Moon back in the day, there is nothing not to like about this mind-blowing concept. I just wish I could have thought of it first! Check back later for a full-length book review!

Listening to: Acoustic Morning playlist on Spotify

Wearing: This very comfy cat sweatshirt from Modcloth.

Enjoying: My February subscription box from Little Lace Box, which features the theme “love letters.”

Feeling: A bit stressed out from writing and working, but determined to get it all done!

Writing: A fantasy series about a girl who is in danger of becoming the old emperor’s two hundred and sixty-seventh concubine.

Cooking: A mustard-based BBQ sauce for a customer at work.


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