Goals for My First Writers Conference

In preparation for my upcoming writers conference, I’ve made a list of five goals I’d like to achieve. Since it’s my first conference, I’m not very sure what to expect, so I’m making my goals simple. Hopefully next year I can expand on them.

  1. Hand out 10 business cards.
  2. Attend 9 lectures.
  3. Have 8 meals with other people (not by myself like I would rather do)
  4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.
  5. Connect with 6 other authors.
  6. Strike conversations with 5 strangers.
  7. Collect 4 business cards/contact info from publishers/agents/editors.
  8. Learn 3 new things to actively apply to my writing.
  9. Attend 2 late night workshops.
  10. Make 1 new friend and stay in touch after the conference.

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