The PEI Adventures, Part 3

Sunday, July 30, 2017. MY BIRTHDAY! Anne of Green Gables, Round 2

It’s the morning of my birthday, and….the cops pull us over. Turns out we’re going 80 kilometers per hour in a 50 kph zone. Now, 50 kph is equivalent to about 30 miles per hour, which is DAMN slow for LA drivers, especially on a wide, open road with very few cars. Kudos to my friend who is driving for staying so calm. Thankfully, the cop is super nice. “I’ve never seen a California driver’s license before,” I hear him say. Then he lets us go with a warning. If you find yourself driving on PEI, make note that the speed limits change often. Every time you enter a city, you should slow down, even if the road seems like a highway.

After this setback, we continue onto Kensington and New London, a bit more of a drive from Charlottetown, about 45 minutes to an hour. Our first stop: The Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silver Bush.


Here, we tour Lucy Maud’s uncle and aunt’s home, where she was married. There are several book cases with glass windows. One of them is the same book case that inspired Lucy Maud to write about Anne’s imaginary friend, Katie Maurice, who was actually her reflection in the glass.


Outside the house, there is the lake that inspired the Lake of Shining Waters. We see the very sight Lucy Maud gazed at outside the window and that she wrote about in her novels.

We leave the museum and continue onto our next destination. Lucy Maud’s birthplace in New London. It’s a beautiful house, and I buy a copy of the republished Anne of Green Gables with its original cover.

Across the street, we eat lunch at Blue Winds Tea Room, a quaint restaurant converted from a historical house. The décor is so cute, and it has a touch of Asian influence as the owner is a Japanese lady who relocated to PEI because of her love for Anne.

I order a tuna salad sandwich. It comes with potato salad and fruit. I also get tea and New Moon Pudding, a dessert made from Lucy Maud’s own recipe.

After lunch, we drive to the Keir Museum, which used to be a church. LM Montgomery and her family dedicated a communion table here.


We also go to Lower Bedeque to see the school where she taught. It’s a bit out of the way, but I’m determined to see as many Lucy Maud sites as I can. Thankfully, my friend is willing to drive.


We return to Charlottetown to rest and wash up as we have more planned for the night.

For dinner, we dine at Gahan House. I order a Lobster Roll with a side Beet Salad, and my friend gets Seafood Pasta. Everything here is absolutely scrumptious, my favorite place so far. The waitress gives me a brownie and ice cream on the house for my birthday.

After dinner, we head to The Guild, just a few blocks away. We have tickets to see a musical. Anne and Gilbert, The Musical.


It’s a small scale production, but the actors are still incredible and the show is enjoyable. The perfect way to end my birthday.

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