Poeming out my feelings

Written in early July

July poem #1

I’m staring at a mountain I dare not climb
I’ve attempted it before
Explored cavernous hearts that were not mine
Only to slip and chip my soul

I’m standing over the water too afraid to leap
For a moment of freefalling bliss
In the sea this cracked heart will spring a leak
And I never learned to swim

Music plays in a ballroom of searching souls
Waltzing to find their dream
But it’s safer to remain an undiscovered rose
Back to the wall I retreat

Light exposes the foolish fantasies of youth
As dust on a worthless table
Lost dreams blown away by callous truths
Untethered, floating dandelion fluff

July Poem #2

whispered prayers of a broken heart
spring from soundless lips
asking for a chance at love
reaching for starlight with her fingertips

haunted by the boys who became ghosts
she’s afraid to expose her beauty again
gets lost in daydreams of what could be
forgets the freedom beyond her pain

Written August 13, 2018

her frozen heart, enchanted never to break
’til he shone with the warmth of a thousand suns
melting the icy layers and stirred her awake

but the time of leo soon faded, all a masquerade
and when she held her liquid heart in her hands
with a frosty january chill, he turned his shoulder away

so a million locks around her heart she placed
and threw the keys into the ocean deep
where her vulnerabilities would be safe

then she drove into foggy uncertainty as laughing phantoms closed in
sinister faces reflected in the rearview mirror
reminding her she would never win

those ghosts of a heartbroken past became imagined in what was to come
her wayward thoughts conjured them into being
and she had no other choice but to run

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