ethereal princess of midnight

in the moonlit forest she daydreams
of distant lands and mystical seas
clothed in a halo of shimmering gold
spinning stories that must be told.

he sees her waltzing, alone and free
enchanted by her ethereal beauty
and fairy eyes of mysterious midnight
her innocence beckons, her untamed spirit incites

watching in wonder, he approaches with care
for she has not sensed his presence draw near
she sings a pure tune with joy in her soul
he’s hypnotized by her aura, sweet and whole

she startles when he comes to join her
she’s suddenly wary and unsure
and before he can profess affection
instinct makes her turn in the other direction

vanishes in the mist without a trace
before he can blink and give chase
he’ll always remember the one that got away
and wonder what could have been if she had stayed

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