April 2019 Napowrimo-Day 11

Write a poem of origin. Where are you from? Not just geographically, but emotionally, physically, spiritually? And having come from there, where are you now?

I was born with sand caught in my throat
like the other Asian-American kids in my hometown
we dared not speak too loud
and voiceless, we strived for perfection
straight A students (we tried to be)
never questioned the rules
we learned our place in society
from our parents
they raised us with saving face traditions
and a mind your own business mentality
that’s how they survived
how they fit in when they learned
“Being different no good.”
Fast forward 15 years
I see friends struggle with
who we are versus who we should be
some took the expected paved path
didn’t fight it
some still meander directionless
they continue changing their masks
depending on who they need to please
As for me
I started clearing my throat of sand
And when I did, I found a pearl

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