April 2019 Napowrimo Day 17

Write a poem of a scene from an unusual point of view.

I know I am dying
a slow demise
my killers chop me down
and lug my weight through the snow
they drag me to their home
prolong my suffering
next to a warm fireplace
I’m forced to stand
I’m fed just enough water
to sustain my life for the duration
of the strange rituals they perform
they even make their children join
in my final decimation
my killers adorn my branches
dress me up until I shimmer and shine
and crown my head with a star
they bring others to surround me
mocking my decaying body with adoring eyes
celebrating their kill
with cheery songs and champagne toasts
they gorge themselves and compliment one another
on their accomplishments the past year
when the confetti falls, they sigh
the next morning, they strip me naked
and toss my desiccated remains out with the confetti and trash

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