April 2019 Napowrimo Day 25

Write a poem about one of the seasons.

Why has he turned on me?
I was born into his warm embrace
he promised to be my friend
as a child, I anticipated his annual visit
I sensed his presence when the dandelions danced
when the last school bell rang
I dressed in my best flip flops
and ran to the sea to meet him
the salty breeze brought a whiff of
his familiar grassy citrus cologne
laughter and freedom splashed in the water
performing tricks for him to see
and I trusted him with my reveries
even the Sun shone brighter and stayed longer to celebrate his presence
But why has he turned on me?
in recent years he’s changed
his raging temper scorches my back
life burns and uproots at his hands
through parched lips I beg for mercy
but he strikes down my love
kills my childhood
and disappears
leaving behind a trail of ash and the stench of smoke and death
Why has Summer turned on me?

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