Napowrimo 2020 Day 11

in this modern garden I wander
go find your red rose, they said
turn left, turn right, it’s as simple as that
but this rose hasn’t grown in years
I once stumbled through
a bed
of yellow chrysanthemum
then wasted time
smelling gardenias
enchanted by fake perfume
the carnations soon showed their true stripes
I dared not touch
the fickle larkspur
such beauty masked as marigolds
sweet jasmine showered me
with charms and words
their shallow conversations bored me
ivy and narcissus attempted to bind me
but I cut through their slithering ways

I’ve come to a conclusion on gardens
and flowers
it makes no sense to win a lady’s soul
with dying bouquets of fading hearts
I want no part of this
neverlasting love
time to visit the library
I’ll read a book instead

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