Napowrimo 2020 Day 13

Write a non-apology for things you’ve stolen.

we were still strangers
my dear
it was my words
not I
that grabbed your keys
I already told you I was a cat lover
fickle with her affections
my wide-eyed innocence
led you to believe
you were safe in your safe
made you easy to read
like the rest of them eager men
too eager to be
fooled by a pretty face
but you didn’t care to discover my soul
before giving away
your rationality
I undid those locks by batting my lashes
you mistook my friendliness as flirtation
but my dear
flirtation does not make for sincerity
yet I did mean it at the time
at least I thought I did
before I actually met you and changed my mind
you handed me
even when I refused to take
and left your heart on the street
can you really claim I was a thief then?
don’t blame me
my dear
we are still strangers

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