Napowrimo 2020 Day 16

Write a poem with over the top compliments for someone.

my favorite book heroes
are not the prince Charmings
I prefer the Beast
scarred and hideous
Jane described Rochester as ugly
but she loved him anyway
for his strangeness
the mysteries he kept locked away
in his pining soul
even when it almost broke her
I see a mind not many understand
a passion to fight against hypocrisy
and maintain humanity
the courage to instigate change
in an unchangeable world
psychotherapists have long argued against toxicity
one-sided relationships
I’ve read the warnings against confusing fantasy for reality
still I step over the caution tape
writers are free to tweak the script
though real people
never say the lines I’ve written
my curiosity is a moth named Icarus
drawn to your Sun
magnetic personality
surrounded by shields dangerous
enough to spark a fire
I choose to burn
if only to touch your heart
that may not be some wordy praise
but doesn’t it mean more than what’s over the top?

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