Napowrimo 2020 Day 18

oh, to a saturday soul
when morning rain taps the window
coffee flavors the air in a lazy medley
accompanied by omelets and pancakes
drenched in maple syrup
the canadian kind not the fructose stuff
and the cats purr away weekday woes
oh, to summers wild and free
sand and sea and the breeze
cling to my skin
flip-flops for my happy feet
oh, to the casual pick-me-ups
stickers for my weekly planner
chubby-cheeked pandas and colorful quotes
oh, to the season of orange and gold
nature’s confetti flurrying down and autumn’s signature crunch
sounds beneath my boots
oh, to the songs that make my soul sigh
on long drives into the sunset
the strains of a familiar tune
make me sing along

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