Napowrimo 2020 Day 20

Write about a handmade/homemade gift you received.

used to believe all handmade gifts were from the heart
once upon a time I barely knew
a viper wearing a prince’s skin
met up for coffee just once
before he decided I was his mouse
thoughtful he claimed to be
with the meal he cooked up for me
but he sprinkled in venomous manipulation
used his vulnerability as a trick to loosen my lips
then forced his gift down my throat
he watched me unveil his homemade toxicity
wrapped in shiny paper and a bow
stroked my head and then he said
he wanted more from me in exchange for his kindness
I pretended not to know
then slipped away in the night
learned my lesson and I’m wiser now
truly thoughtful gifts
even handmade
expect nothing in return

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