Napowrimo 2020 Day 27

Write a poetic review of something not normally reviewed.

tick-tock his mocking voice
a relentless reminder in your ear
you can only grow older
under his controlling spell
call him father? I think not
more like selfish bastard
king of crooks
a good father would not take away
your beauty
your ability
to mother a child
to achieve your dreams
to do more and everything
and on nights you fall in love and never want to end
he’ll pull the sun out faster from under you
but during trials and tribulation
he transforms the days into weeks into years
then giggles at your impatience
delays his arrival further
never in a million years would I recommend his chaos
if I could stop him
but he rules never and forever
a ruthless tyrant of mere mortals
we are but his puppets

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