Napowrimo 2020 Day 29

Prompt: pet

she feigns indifference
tail flickering head tilted high
shrugs from human touch when they want her attention
unless she’s in the mood for a massage
she’ll make her needs known
weaving between her human’s legs
golden eyes gleaming with love
her independent aura amuses me
such sassy cattitude
a true introvert
she couldn’t care less to obey commands
she is her own master
“come here” her humans say
her defiant eyes spark
“f*** off” and walks away
but of course, playing hard to get
makes her humans eager to earn her love all the more
some say that’s why they prefer the loyal and true nature of dogs
but personally I find canines basic
their constant affection is annoying
like creepy guys who don’t understand
a lady’s need to be left alone sometimes
I understand why cats get up and leave when affection isn’t under their own terms
fickle beasts? I think not
just complex souls who like to observe and judge from afar
alone while surrounded by people they may or may not love
potentially. either way cats would never admit to caring
if you expect such unbecoming behavior
perhaps you deserve the simple mind of a dog
it occurs to me that perhaps I was a cat in a past life

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