fall descends

fall descends upon a lonely world
a crinkled melody plays in the breeze
ominous shadows creep through the trees
I dream of simpler times
in 8th grade I wrote a story
about a girl named Corona who could time travel
she didn’t expect to leap into a fall
when she’d be called a virus, a villainess
she didn’t know down a rabbit hole
she’d fall
into a lonely world where
the citizens have turned heroes into monsters
and the devils are celebrated
their heads are adorned with crowns made of
praise and hearts and fat blue thumbs
the fall reveals a lonely world
autumn leaves once golden and romantic
now lay scorched in piles of ash
the mountains purple majesty
turns burning red
what a lonely world to live in
this fall
the sun screams its contempt
nature reprimanding sin
yet no one stops to listen
zombies only know how to take
fall is descending
upon a lonely world

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